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Our class is based on the OSHA 1910.179 & ASME B30.2 standards. This is the training and qualifications mandated by OSHA to operate an overhead crane. This course consists of both classroom training and hands on training (pre use inspection) followed up by qualifying each operator on your overhead crane. 


Good for overhead cranes, chain hoists, bridge cranes, jib cranes, mobile gantry cranes.


  • Introduction

  • Federal rules and regulations 

  • Understanding Overhead Cranes

  • Inspection

  • Operation

  • Rigging

  • Review

  • Hands on pre-use inspection


This class consists of a final exam as well as an operator evaluation. If you receive a 70% or higher on your written exam as well as pass your operator evaluation you will get both a wallet card and training certificate. 


Class Duration: 3-4 hours


For more information or to inquire about setting up a

class please call or email us at:

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